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Joining AOSPKC

AOSPKC is affiliated to the British Power Kitesports Association, therefore all applicants must hold current BPKA membership. Visit the British Power Kitesports Association website for details on joining, membership of the BPKA costs £15 and provides the necessary insurance cover required to gain a permit to use the KiteZone at Ainsdale Beach.

Once you've received confirmation of your membership to the BPKA you can apply to join AOSPKC. Membership is free and gains you invites to all our club meets, away trips, demo days and events. It entitles you to vote at club meetings and to stand for committee postions at our AGM.

Continued membership of AOSPKC is dependent on maintaining current membership of the BPKA and abidng by the club rules and code of conduct. This is the responsibility of each individual member.

Please Note: AOSPKC does not issue KiteZone Permits for use of Ainsdale Beach, this function is performed by Sefton Council. In order to gain a permit you must book an appointment with the rangers by calling 0151-934-2967 and giving your details. Then visit the office taking proof of insurance to sign up and collect your permit. Appointments can be made for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning or Sunday 10am-4pm. BPKA membership provides the relevant insurance.






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